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This journal now contains all old entries from my LJ (though, of course, the links to next chapters are in disarray and still point to LJ entries) and I will be crossposting content between LJ and DW from now on.

"In an infinite game, "the only purpose of the game is to prevent it from coming to an end, and to keep everyone in play." Infinite play is a manifestation of the comic way. It can be found in the play of children and of animals, in enduring love, in evolution and natural selection, in symbiosis and cooperations of all kinds, and in all those forms of behavior that are so satisfying that we want them to go on and on....

"Comedy illustrates that our survival depends upon our ability to change ourselves rather than our environment, and upon our ability to accept limitations rather than curse fate for limiting us."

--From Joseph W. Meeker's The Comedy of Survival.

Welcome! I'm a thirtysomething woman who's written some HP fanfic, which is my infinite game for the moment, and which you can find tagged in my journal. I usually write Harry/Draco slash, but have written a few other pairings and threesomes.

You're welcome to subscribe and unsubscribe to my journal at will. If you'd like access, just say so. The only things under lock and key here are a few personal posts, mostly beta requests; all WiP's and finished one-shots are public.

I read a lot of H/D fanfiction, and have participated in a few fests: the 2007 hd_holidays Winter Round and the 2008 and 2009 hds_beltane fests on LL.

WARNING: My stories, which involve adult versions of the HP characters, are often R/M or NC-17/M+. Therefore, no one under 17 should be reading them. On your head be it. As well, I update quite often, sometimes every day or with multiple posts a day, so you might find me a bit of a spammer.

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